Monthly Energy Forecast – April 2018

April Energy Forecast Feng Shui Serenity
The Perfect Storm
Soul Stamina
Honouring the Differences
Community & Connection

As you might still feel the tremor left from the March energy, I am not even trying to conceal the fact that disruption is written all over the April month. Quite frankly, April Dragon month might simply manifest blockages at first. Try to see them as a blessing in disguise and take it as a wake-up call in order for you to change course. When your path is blocked, there is a reason for it, so take notes and listen.

The Yang Fire Dragon month 丙辰 runs from 5th April to 4th May and it is considered a clash month with the yearly energy of the Dog. The Yang Fire energy will also stir up the Fire that lies asleep within the Dog sign and create tension, unrest, conflicts and confrontation. We are indeed in the middle of the energy storm and March simply was a prelude of this. If you have missed the March Energy Forecast, it is still very relevant for this month. You can catch up HERE. 

You are currently enduring a cosmic, spiritual storm
that is clearing things out, ruffling feathers and preparing you for something anew.


The tension of the trade war between US and China’s will only get worse thanks to this month’s energy. On top of that, I will not be surprised to hear some shocking revelations being delivered in the world news.

This is a best month to stay grounded, connect with nature or simply rest and recharge. You are likely to feel exhausted and drained by this energy, so make sure you make ‘self-care’ a top priority and consciously slow down.

If you are running your own business, this is a great time to tie up those loose ends of the existing projects instead of starting anything new or pitch for new business. Things are likely not go according to your plan in April. Be adaptable and learn to surrender in the face of the challenges.

If you have travel plans, expect delays or have a back up plan so you are not caught up in any dilemmas. Beware of the potential for sparky and fiery exchanges, aggressive reactions, actions before thinking, impulsive and impatient behaviour, road rage, and a variety of other responses that indicate an imbalance.

We live in a passage of time that the energy is rapidly rising, collectively. When we are deep in the trenches, trust that it is not just you are going through these major changes, we are all in this together. The best way is to learn how to ride this wave rather than fight against it.

Last month, you probably have learned how to be patient (the wood energy). This month, the lesson has great emphasis on Surrendering in the face of the adversity. We need to learn that Surrendering, is in fact, a very powerful position in an energetic term rather than weakness.

The Dragon month is here to teach us how to conserve our precious energy and our soul stamina in order to rise up. This could mean different things for different people depends on your Destiny chart. For some of us, it is about creating boundaries so we learn to put our own needs first before attend to others and at the same times, remain compassionate and forgiving. For others, it is about knowing where they need to be careful not to leak their energy and recognise those ‘energy vampires’ in your life. It can also manifest in the areas that you learn to stay clear of other people’s dramas and stay strong in your personal truth.

There is a strong focus on the ‘narcissist’ energy across the globe at the moment and it is the way to teach us, especially if you are an empath, sensitives or healers how best anchor into your own energy field and stay true in your own sense of authority. Redefine your priorities and reinvent yourself are the key in order to deal with the power struggle and conflicts. 

Amongst all the angst and anxiety that April could bring, what we need to remember is the trust, loyalty and connection, because these are what the Dog sign stands for. The Dog is a spiritual animal in Chinese astrology, its focus is on community, tribe, roots and where we ultimate belong. It is a time to understand our own story and see how our family shape us. This perfect cosmic storm will clear out any cob-webs or anything that no longer is part of us. 

Reach out, be at service and show up. Create even just a small change in your community will bring you enormous amount of satisfactions. Don’t forget this is the year of taking actions.

Four Pillars of Destiny Chart Prediction


Each month, I outline the energy dynamic so you can be aware of it and therefore feel empowered. The aim of this is to heighten your awareness and ride the wave, especially at difficult times. At the same time, actively seeking solutions to minimise the conflicting energy is the best strategy to managing any challenging issues. Take advice from the below predictions or seek out a 1-on-1 Destiny Profiling session to prevent any major collision.

The forecasts below are based on your Essence at Birth or Self-element. If you don’t know what your self-element is, get your FREE Four Pillars of Destiny chart HERE. This prediction effectively only counts as 1/8 of your monthly luck (given it is only based on your Day Master). Book a Destiny Profiling session HERE for a full reading.


April certainly is not the month to ‘talk before you think’. Stay firm with your truth but also be diplomatic in your communications. The energy storm stirring up in April provides you a perfect canvas for inception of new ideas and fresh perspectives in life.

If your Essence at Birth is Yin Wood 乙 (this is the top element in your Day pillar), you will thrive in April, especially the first half of the month. You will feel inspired and energised. Pay attention to the writings on the wall and it is time to plan a step-by-step strategy to claim the prosperity of your life. You will see prosperity as the result.


Fire people tend to get caught up in the ‘compulsory of doing’. This month, the big lesson for you is to learn how to slow down and surrender. Lean in to listen to the message. When you are constantly on-the-go, you miss the most crucial signals the Universe is communicating to you.

You will encounter strong rival energy and feel extremely restless. If you feel you are at the call of circumstances or situations that are outside of your control, you are being asked to see through the assumptions, expectations, tantrums and manipulations that may be put upon you by yourself or others. Learn the ability to see what is hidden in the darkness and hear what is not spoken. Trust what you feel beyond appearances. 

This is the month to re-invent yourself and break up the old patterns in order to craft new improved relationships, regardless it is at work or at home.


The Earth people has always been a nurturer with enormous amount of inner-strength and support to others. April will bring some issues to the surface so you learn how to conserve your precious energy and not to be drained by others.

Recognise those people who runs strong pattern of ‘narcissism’, it is time to claim your power back in this dynamic. Be kind, compassionate yet affirm and protective of your own space. Honor the difference without the need to change or fix it.

In April, your trust, endurance through difficulties, goal-oriented efforts and responsibilities will shine through. This can also be reflected in a family dynamic.


2018 will bring up the ‘mother wound’ for many Metal people. This should not come as a surprise as the strong Earth energy represents the mother element of the Metal. This theme will become crystal clear in April through external or internal conflicts and chaos.

Be courages enough to process the pain and face the undercurrent of grief. It is essential for this healing process. You are at the start of a quantum leap and expansion, you are changing identity. This phase of contraction can be painful and physically consuming but the liberation afterwards is worth it.

Yin Metal people will do well at work and are likely to receive career recognition. Love is also in the air, so you can easily attract love interest or new clients for your business.


April can be an exhausting month if you don’t know how to best direct your energy. You are likely being pulled into all directions.  Learn to have your own sense of authority when redefining your priorities. The rest of the world will just have to adapt.

It can also be a fertile period when you can generate opportunities for yourself, especially if you are running your own business. It can also be the right time to negotiate for a pay rise or promotion. You are likely to get it. 

Regardless of your gender, April is a romantic month with ‘love in the air’. Those of you who are partnered should have good time with your companion.

Flying Star Feng Shui Forecast**


**Everything in the universe is an ever-changing affair, including the qualities of the energy surrounding the space we live in. Flying Star Feng Shui is the only school that takes into consideration the influence of time. Therefore it is one of the most complex, accurate and powerful forms of Feng Shui. Flying stars are so called because they fly with the movement of the days, months and years. It is therefore possible to pinpoint the movement of the energy.

To simplify an otherwise very complicated practice of Flying Star Feng Shui, in each monthly prediction I will point out where the benevolent energy is located and where there is negative energy that needs to be managed. It is essential to first know the inherent natal chart of your home, as this determines the nature of the annual flying stars as well as the monthly stars. Your homes natal chart can only be provided by a qualified Feng Shui consultant. Blindly applying any enhancements or remedies suggested in this post could well have an adverse effect.



Occupants of SW-facing houses, or those with bedrooms located in the SW will enjoy good financial luck this month. However, this combination with the annual star 6 can create some tension within family. Place your favourite crystal here to reconcile the elements and restore harmony.



In April, the worst combination 2 & 5 is located in the West sector of your home. Take extra care if your front door or the main bedroom falls into this sector. This combination indicates serious illness and disaster. The remedy is to move out of this sector. Make sure you place a Five-Element-Pagoda to suppress these stars. Avoid open fires or bright lights, which would fuel the troublesome energy.

So dear ones, enjoy this perfect storms and allow everything to be cleansed in this sacred storm. Do your ‘rain dance’!

Grace Xo

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  1. Tanja

    Hi Grace, do you do house natal charts ? I’m not sure how to work out the accurate direction of my house and rooms.

    1. Grace Niu Post author

      Hi Tanja,

      I can certainly help you with the natal chart of your home.

      It is always recommended to seek professional help when first mapping out the natal chart to ensure the accuracy. As it is only needed once, it is well worth the investment.

      Thereafter, you can either choose to do annual update or follow my blog guidance to do it yourself.


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