2017 Yearly Prediction (PART I.)

Each year, apart from analysing how the yearly energy mix affects each individual’s Four Pillars of Destiny chart, another layer of the information we review is the influence of the Symbolic Stars 神煞.

The Symbolic Stars fly into different animal signs each year, influencing their fortune and luck significantly. When you have auspicious Symbolic Stars in your animal signs, you are gifted with this instant luck and power. Life’s magic reaches you through moments of serendipity, coincidences and happy accidents that are to your favour. You still have to take action in order to make the most of these stars, of course, but life in general is a delight. 

On the other hand, if the stars are mostly negative, it is a good time to practice “going with the flow” & surrendering, and then reviewing your situation. A time like this is fantastic to gain a new perspective, recuperate and be ready to take on the world once the storm has passed.


Based on your Four Pillars of Destiny chart (if you don’t have one, please leave comments at the end of this blog with your DOB and time, I will send you one.) you will notice you have 4 animal signs at the bottom of your destiny chart – the Year, Month, Day and Hour Pillars. They are called the “Earthly branches”Depending on which pillar the animal sign is located against, it affects different aspects of your life.

  • When the animal sign is located in your YEAR pillar, the luck of this animal in 2017 mostly affects your general luck on a broader scale, in particular your social circle, friends and networks
  • When the animal sign is located in your MONTH pillar, the luck of this animal in 2017 mostly affects your career and business.
  • When the animal sign is located in your DAY pillar, the luck of this animal in 2017 mostly affects your relationships.
  • When the animal sign is located in your HOUR pillar, the luck of this animal in 2017 mostly affects your projects, dreams, ambitions and other personal development or spiritual pursuit.

When you have auspicious stars in your animal signs, it does not mean things will happen to you automatically; you still need to create your own destiny and reality. It simply means you have heavenly support. Nothing is going to be served up on a silver platter if you don’t take any action! On the flip side, don’t be discouraged if the stars are not too good this year. Everyone has to deal with an average year. Just like nature, your wheel of fortune is going to turn sooner or later. When things get challenging, it is a golden time for us to learn and reflect in order to transcend and upgrade.

Please note, this prediction only focus on how the Symbolic stars influence each animal signs in the earthly branches. If you would like to obtain a thorough interpretation of your personal Destiny chart, head HERE.


  • Most auspicious:   Dragon, Horse, Tiger, Rooster and Rat
  • Good: Ox, Pig and Dog
  • OK: Monkey, Snake and Sheep
  • Clash: Rabbit

RAT      子                         Rating: 4.5 out of 5

  • Two major auspicious stars fly into the Rat sign this year, making it one of the most fortunate animal signs in 2017.
  • SKY HAPPINESS (天喜) is one of the top relationship star. This star not only makes the Rat attract the right people but also increases their popularity significantly, in both personal and professional relationships. So if you have the Rat sign anywhere in your chart, you will be in demand.
  • 2017 will be a fabulous year for singles. Love and romance are in the air.
  • If you are married and thinking of adding a family member to your clan, this is a great year to do so.
  • 2017 is also a great year to put entrepreneurial skills into practice. If starting a new business has been on your mind, especially if the Rat signs resides in your Month pillar, you would not want to waste this golden time.
  • Helpful people, likely to be females, will lend a supportive hand when you need it.
  • There are a few negative stars; these however will have a minor influence. Stay grounded and be aware of not becoming entangled in other people’s problems.

OX      丑                          Rating: 3.5 out of 5

  • In 2017, the Ox is gifted by one of the major auspicious stars called Relief God (解神). When this star is shining in your animal sign, any challenges or problems you might encounter will be resolved or smoothed over.
  • Another auspicious star that flies into the Ox is Three-Stages (三台). This is especially good to have if the Ox sign in your Month pillar, as this indicates steady career progression.
  • If you are an artist, writer, musician or painter, you will sometimes feel blue and moody under the star of the Elegant Seal (华盖). If you can enjoy phases of solitude, however, it can lead to some brilliance in a creative field.
  • If you have the Ox in your Day pillar, you might feel alone in your relationship. Spend more time with loved ones and focus on communication to foster your relationship.
  • There are a few negative stars which will reduce your stamina in general. The star of Instability (浮沉) will at times make you feel like a piece of wood floating in the water with no clear direction. If you encounter times like this, surrender and follow your rhythm — don’t try to go against the current.
  • Due to the negative influence of the star called Blood Knife (血刃), Ox people need to be careful of small injuries and not be absent-minded when handling metal objects or driving.

TIGER      寅                            Rating: 4 out of 5

  • One of the most fortunate animal signs in 2017.
  • The star of Monthly Virtue (月德) will turn Tigers into the masters of self-control, be it their ego or their temper. If you are a Tiger, 2017 will be a year of wisdom and intelligence for you. It enhances your ability to solve all problems using your inner strength.
  • Tiger also has one of the top Wealth stars in 2017 – the National Treasure (图印).  You will have more influence, improved social status and broader networks. If you have Tiger in your Month pillar, expect a pay rise or a promotion.
  • Every animal has its positive and negative stars. If you have Tiger anywhere in your chart, you will find 2017 is a year of spending. If you spend big, such as buying a property, the spending is really just investing. For other forms of spending, the silver lining is that most of it is due to you expanding your social circle, making new friends or enjoying the finer things in life — in which case, embrace it. For example, if you have Tiger in your hourly pillar, you will find that most of the spending is on personal development to fulfil your dreams and passions.
  • If the Tiger sits in your Day pillar, you might find your partner is more controlling this year.

RABBIT      卯                          Rating: 3 out of 5

  • 2017 can be a challenging year for the Rabbit if you don’t like changes. This is because the Rabbit clashes with the Rooster, the yearly king (also called Grand Duke). Any clash in Chinese Astrology indicates changes, transformation and rearranging things. Not all changes are bad, so adjust your mindset and 2017 can be an amazing year for you.
  • If the Rabbit sign is located in your Year pillar, this indicates there will be a change in your social circle, surroundings (e.g. moving house) or industry. If it is in your Month pillar, the possibility is more likely to involve a change of job or career.
  • If the Rabbit sign is in your Day pillar, be aware that this indicates a relationship status change. It is great news for singles, as you might find someone and settle into a nice relationship. However, if you are married, this is the sign to nudge you to face a problem rather than sweep it under the carpet. If it is in your Hour pillar, this indicates a compromising of your projects, investments or deals.
  • The saving grace for the Rabbit is the one and only auspicious star, Monthly Emptiness (月空). Don’t worry about the name of the star as it is merely a direct translation from Chinese. This star has the ability to dissolve all challenging situations and turn the negative into positive. So any challenge undertaken during 2017 will have the desired result.

–>> Continue on Part II HERE.

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