Feng Shui Consultation

Do you know sometimes the house chooses us rather than the other way?

Do you know your house is the exact reflection of where you are in life?

Or in other words, an outer reflection of your inside?

Do you know that in each house you lived, there are lessons to be learned?

Personalized Feng Shui is the quickest way to connect and making sure Earth Luck is the wind in your sails and not the force working against you.

Do you want your home to support you for all your life endeavours?

Do you want to enhance and harmonise your relationships with your family and co-workers?

Do you want to break through the old patterns of lack and start to live abundantly?

Do you want to access positive energy to improve your health and well being?

Do you want to feel nurtured and really make your house a home, a sanctuary?

If so, I am here to help you answer those very grounded, practical questions and assist you to make lifestyle choices that will support you in changing your life for the better. LEARN MORE about Feng Shui & its benefits.

  • I’d had some exposure to Feng Shui living in Hong Kong but it was always cloaked in mystery. I initially contacted Grace when we were having huge problems selling our house – we were at our wits end! She came in, reviewed the place, suggested some changes which definitely helped with the dynamic of the energy. Because our house was sold within a month of implementing those changes. So it was a no-brainer for us to get her involved when we moved into our new house.

    The great thing about working with Grace is that she makes it all clear and simple, allowing you to understand why you’re changing small areas of your house each year. I’ve already recommended her to several close friends.

    Linda McGregor | Owner, All About Eve
  • After purchasing our house I enlisted the Comprehensive Feng Shui Consultation from Feng Shui Serenity to gain some insights on our new home. Grace was patient, professional and fantastic to work with. She not only explained how Feng Shui works in general, she also provided an ongoing support and a detailed solutions to achieve our goals throughout the journey.

    She pinpointed the specific areas where contain positive energy and remedies for areas that need support. She has also helped us during the renovation process with practical solutions such as auspicious timings, how to best utilise each area, where to place our bed, which room we should place our bed against, which room we should make out master bedroom and where we could install water features to improve our health, wealth and well being. I would highly recommend contacting Grace to get some clarity before you start on any renovation or redecorating to get it right from the start.

    Kristin Hunt | Senior Manager at MEC Global, Australia

In order to do this and access the Earth energy, you need to know how to harness the positive and effectively manage the negative life force that connected with the earth both at the seen and the unseen levels. Feng Shui is specially effective if you are going through your ‘not-so-lucky’ life cycles, everyone has them. Knowing and preparing mentally will help you to navigate through life’s twists and turns. LEARN MORE on when is to get a Feng Shui Consultation done.

Change is perceived as a gift of the universe in Chinese Metaphysics.

Below are a few types of consultation Feng Shui Serenity offers.

Pre-purchase Consultation

If you’d like to make a well-informed property purchasing decision, this is the one for you.


It’s quick, simple and provides you with key highlights of the property. I also ensure the property you select matches your 10-year luck pillar and enhance your Heaven Luck. Yes, a property suitable for one might not be suitable for the other. This consultation will give an evaluation on the potential property based on the key Feng Shoo principles and identify where the prosperous and negative energies are within the building. This can be done remotely and often take no more than 24 hours.

Comprehensive Consultation

This is the most popular consultation I provide to my clients. The report provides a detailed audit on your property based on Compass school, Form school and Flying Star school principles. It includes an overall summary on the external surrounding as well as a “room by room analysis” for the property. It identifies where the prosperous and negative energy is and makes recommendations on how to best support the energy flows, including where to place the remedies.

During the audit, I also measure and identify the level of electro-magnetic field and materials that potentially could cause health concerns, especially for children.

If you are planning any renovations or building an extension, it is extremely important to choose the right time to do this without causing havoc in your life.

Annual Flying Star Consultation

Each year around the 4th February, the energy coming into each building changes and it is imperative that you understand where the positive and (especially) negative energy is located and adjust remedies accordingly.


This report is only available to existing clients who have already had a “Feng Shui Consultation” conducted in the past. This report will outline the detailed step-by-step changes that need to be done for the upcoming year.

*All consultations can be done remotely. Only Comprehensive Feng Shui Consultation includes on-site visit.

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  • Grace assisted us buying our first home when relocating to Australia from UK. Her support and advise during this process was priceless.

    After the consultation, we settled into our new home effortlessly. I can only recall the happy times during the last 2 years staying in this Feng Shui proofed home: arrival of our first baby, now pregnant with my 2nd, promotion and new career opportunity for my husband, family reunions and many other milestones. Everything you hoped for in your first home happened to us. Grace even picked the perfect painting for my daughter’s room in order to balance her Bazi chart (she has 5 metals in her birth chart so blue and water balance her).

    Thank you Grace for bringing your insights and knowledge into our home and you made everything seem easy.

    If you need a professional Feng Shui Consultant who has a heart of gold and can support you through the changes in life, Grace is the person to go to. Her calmness and wisdom in life will make this time seem like a breeze.

    Izabela Trocha | Director, Client and Communication, MEC Global, Australia
  • Knowledgeable, talented, with an amazing energy, Grace entered our family and helped my husband and I gain a deeper understanding on how we can connect with our surroundings in order to create deeper harmony and balance.

    After purchasing our new home in 2015, we immediately consulted Grace to not only ensure our growing family is protected but that we were energetically maximising the opportunities our space has to offer.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending Grace. Thank you so much.

    Zunilka Whitnall | RED Strategic Integration, Seven West Media
  • Grace is a great Feng Shui specialist. After her visit to my home and a few recommendations around the house, I gradually got better from some chronic gynaecological problems. A few months after moving in the bedroom she suggested, I fell pregnant with my 2nd son! 

If you feel something is just not right in your home, like you always feel a bit down, a chronic disease or discomfort of your body never got cured, go to Grace for some clarity about the Fengshui of your place. You may find an answer there. She definitely helped me in my case!

    Sisi Chen | Digital Programmatic Trading Manager at iCumulus

What to expect during a Feng Shui consultation

  • Information such as an accurate drawn-to-scale floor plan and when your property was built are essential. This is needed at least 24 hours prior to the site visit.
  • During the site visit, I will evaluate your space by touring the space, identifying the strengths and challenges of your home, and improving the optimal flow of the energy. I will:
  • Perform an electromagnetic reading with a Feng Shui Compass (Luo Pan) to determine the property’s Facing and Sitting Directions
  • I access my intuition and establish a connection with your place on site. At times, I might feel a need to meditate at the Omphalos (centre of your space) in order to download more information
  • Depending on the size of the property, a physical tour will take about 1-2 hours. Preliminary feedback will be given on site.
  • A written report will be produced with 48 hours after the site visit and will include a comprehensive analysis based on the location and direction of the property with detailed chart analysis, annual star affiliation as well as the impact on occupants within.

*Feng Shui Serenity uses Traditional Chinese Feng Shui techniques based mainly on the Compass School, Form School and Flying Star School. Also uses Four Pillars of Destiny, Five Element theory and other Feng Shui methods to understand the flow of you, your home or your company.

Grace Niu is the founder of Feng Shui Serenity. She has studied with Australian College of Environmental Studies and Raymond Lo’s School of Feng Shui & Destiny. She holds a Master’s degree in International Marketing, Bachelor of Arts, a Certificate IV in Feng Shui, Certificate IV in Design and is a professional member of AFSC (Association of Feng Shui Consultant) in Australia.

Note: Remote consultations are available on a case-by-case basis. Additional fees may apply for travels outside of the Sydney-metro area.

  • Grace has a wonderful talent in this philosophical practice. She has not only helped me rethink how I interact with surrounding environments but also educated me on how I can use my surrounding environment to create an enhanced standard of life. 10 out 5 stars for Grace, I couldn't recommend her enough!

    Jenna May Coulston | Senior Account Manager at Adshel

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