Four Week Mentoring Program

Are you ready to let out your inner magic?
Are you living your purpose in the world?
Do you want to lead your life abundantly yet effortlessly?
Is it time for you to take that big leap?

The Mentoring Program is a package of support services that combines your Destiny Profile with your Personalized Feng Shui to help you achieve a quantum leap in life.


Feng Shui Serenity’s Mentoring Program offers you the opportunity to discover your potential, the talent within yourself and will assist you to uncover an ‘awareness’ that will allow you to become a Master of the Self.


It takes a holistic approach, working across all three aspects of Luck by making sure you place yourself in the best possible position to receive the support from the heavens and the earth. This awareness taps into your matrix within, empowers you to make your life more prosperous and to live the life of your dreams. LEARN MORE about the Three Lucks.

A lot of times when things are not working out for us, we subconsciously know what the issue is. However, how we tackle it, sustain it and manifest elements of it can be extremely hard to do on our own. This is the time you need someone who can understand and support you through this journey. That’s what I’m here to do for you. I hold that space for you to digest, to heal and to blossom.


During this four-week journey, we work together closely.


We start with Destiny Profiling to know where you stand. I look closely at your environment using Feng Shui to gain insights. Then we work specifically on the challenging aspects in your Man Luck so we can reclaim the power you feel you need most.


My job here is not to tell you… but to inspire and empower you to discover what means the most within yourself.


In everything that we’ll do together, I am here to assist you to manifest the best destiny for you. To allow you to become powerful, true to yourself and to follow your calling. To align with the authentic you.

What do you get from the Mentoring Program?

A four-week, one-on-one journey with me in which we explore together :

  • Destiny Profiling – a 1 hour exploration session where we go deep to reveal the hidden story you are yet to discover about your destiny, your natal cosmic blue print, your strength and the secret of becoming the best version of yourself. We will also cover the key to best manage various relationships in your life and what you need to watch out for, forewarned is forearmed.
  • Personalized Feng Shui Consultation – this includes up to 2 hours on-site visit, a 20+ pages report and a 45 minutes Skype call follow up. This is the part we make sure the environment you live in is providing the ultimate support for your endeavours.
  • 45 minutes each week 1-on-1 Skype call support to work through specific areas that is blocking you. We work together to develop a weekly short-term goals and action points. I will hold space for you along the journey providing support.
  • Ongoing email support during the four-week journey

If you feel darkness around you, you needn’t worry — that’s where the light comes in.

l can’t wait to get to know you and start this journey with you!