Destiny Profiling

“God does not play dice”

Albert Einstein

Do you often find yourself saying “Oh, that’s just typical my luck!”
Do you feel stuck in a rut?
Do you feel alone and often think you don’t belong?
Do you want to find out when your golden decade will come?

Destiny Profiling is specially designed to enhance your Heaven Luck by knowing who you truly are and effectively answer those questions. This is the gift that the Heaven or the Higher force give us that contains all the secrets lead us to our life purpose so we lead a happy and fulfilled life.

Using Four Pillars of Destiny system, Destiny Profiling essentially analyses the structure and composition of one’s birth chart (Year, Month, Day and Time) as well as the hidden information, such as compatibility, clashes, combinations, and interrelations derived from the chart, to reveal the most valuable and vital clues of each aspect in you life. The result is gained insight on how to best manage life’s twists and turns and the empowerment to step into the unknown with confidence, knowing that universe is on your side.

This is Your Birthright.
I can help you to reclaim it.

  • Grace is amazing at what she does. Together we went through my chart and found she was spot on with what's been happening in the last 5 years in my life and was able to shed light on why that was.

    A huge transformational time! Together we were able to navigate the next 5-10 years and the best times to action certain things in my life.

    I'm feeling so clear and confident about this next phase of my life - excited too! Thanks Grace xx

    Clare | Creator @soulfulmama blog
  • I really enjoyed my Destiny Profiling session with Grace and it has been such a catalyst for me to re-look at my life differently.

    I found it so interesting to discover the aspects of my personality at birth. It gives me the means to find out what works for me best and what I should avoid - even to the point of which furniture I should have in the house!

    I think it's something everyone should try and do - it not only allows you to work out your future, but how to best handle your present (and why certain things happened to us in the past!).

    Aleen Apanian | Founder @ The Dark Horse Jewellery

The wealth of information generated from these charts is also able to bring you clarity specially when you are standing at the cross road not knowing which way to forge ahead.

You are missing out big time if you are letting these valuable information untouched.

What will you gain by doing a Destiny Profiling?

  • Get to know yourself. This is not computer generated personal traits report. It reveals the hand you have been dealt with at the time of your birth. Each person’s chart is unique and reveals a story about his destiny.
  • By understanding your cosmic blueprint on a deeper level helps you to gain insights of many life lessons that you not necessarily have to go through to learn them
  • Gain a deeper, more profound understanding of your existence among the others to improve relationships, including your parents, spouse, loved ones, friends, relatives, children, and colleagues.
  • Reveals your innate talents, strengths and weaknesses.
  • It helps you to choose your timing. The system determines and establishes the most auspicious timing for important life decisions and events based on your personal landscapes. It can help you navigate the evolution of events, learn how to seize new opportunities, and minimise the impact of the obstacles as they arise, thereby increasing your personal luck.
  • Destiny Profiling can also be particularly useful for small business or team building in a corporate environment by knowing the dynamics of the team to increase harmony and productivity

“He who knows others is wise;
he who knows himself is enlightened.”

Lao Tzu

  • We had the pleasure of being mentored by Grace Griffin from Feng Shui Serenity the past few months on our rebranding project for Carbon Lily! Grace is a wonderful character full of life and energy, and continuously gave all her heart towards building a strong foundational path for us.

    Learning about our brand archetypes, hero’s journey and applying that to our storytelling. We have been eagerly getting excited about the future of our story, thanks to Grace! Thank you so much Grace for taking us through this experience, we simply couldn't of done it without you!

    We highly recommend the Business Coaching session to all the businesses (startup or large) with a heart and passion in their gifts!

    Carbon Lily | Sydney\\\'s Video Creatives
  • I have had ​mentors before and none with an approach like Feng Shui Serenity. I've started with the Destiny Profiling, couldn't believe how precise it was! And moving onto the Business Alchemy Mentoring, this system not only allow you to dig deep but also breaks it down into parts that are logical, digestable and actionable. To me, it is important to discover core of the brand and with Grace's expertise you will find its essence and then will bring it to life in a palpable way.

    Grace's system and knowledge​ will guide you and help you uncover your brand's potential aligned with your core values and will create a road map to always refer too, so you can effortless know what to do and attract the right tribe for your business. I highly recommend Feng Shui Serenity's services, it is an ancient knowledge adapted to the modern world, available for any business.

    Cristina | Founder @ EKOKIDS SPACED IN

What do I need from you?

All I need is your date of birth as well as your birth time 24 hours prior to the session.
If you don’t know the exact birth time, we can still derive lots of information but there will be some missing pieces.

What do you get from Destiny Profiling?

  • Your true essence at birth
  • Your cosmic blue print or energy make-up
  • The quality and composition of your chart
  • The key energy flow of your birth chart
  • How does each of the five element mean to you?
  • How to introduce the right elements into your life in order to get the cosmic support
  • Analysis on key aspects of life such as Relationship, Family, Health, Wealth creation, Career etc
  • Your rise and fall through the journey of life
  • Key timings for major decisions, events
  • Charts are also tailor-made to give clarity on any issues or areas you feel stuck in life so we can unblock the stagnant energy to gain flow

Investment Options

  • 60-min Skype session with me. Investment: US$130 (or AUD $160).
    • This option works best if you love to connect on a personal level. I will take you through your chart either in person or via Skype and answer the questions you have in mind. This option is also best suitable if you have a burning issue on hand, such as relationships, family, fertility, money or career etc.
  • Report only option. Investment: US$220 (or AUD $280).
    • This option works best if you prefer to have some written report in hand and can digest and refer back to at your own leisure. The report goes into an in-depth analysis and provide comprehensive information on your Destiny profiling. It has total of 10-15 page in length.
  • 2-in-1 Package.  Investment: US$330 (or AUD $418).
    • This package provides you both elements: 60-minute 1-on-1 session with me either via Skype or in person, as well as a 15-page report. I can provide the report first and follow up with the Skype session or vice versa.