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LET GO of “Holding It Together”

NOTE: This is an extract of the Day 7 challenge from the “September 10-day Letting Go Challenge” I held on Instagram.  If you would like to read the other day’s content, head HERE.  “You have so many layers, that you can peel away a few, and everyone’s so shocked or impressed that you’re baring your soul, while to you it’s nothing, because you know you’ve twenty more layers to go”.  Today’s challenge may seem to be against all our beliefs, of being strong, of being resilient, of being powerful.  But sometimes, “falling apart” seems to be the only way that leads to clarity and it is exactly what is required for us to reveal those inner layers that deeply hidden underneath. When we try to hold it together, ​we make do.we disconnect with our true feelingswe turn a blind eye.Each day, we

June Energy Update – Higher Connection

If you have felt that the last two months’ strong wood energy left somewhat an imprint of anger or anxiety in your energy field, June’s strong Yang Fire energy will bring a perfect opportunity to release, heal and ascend so that you can feel lighter.In June, the energy will be going through a major shift, dominated by the Yang Fire energy. The Yang Fire Horse month (丙午) starts on 5th June and is symbolised by two elements: Yang Fire sitting on top of Yang Fire Horse. June Energetic Theme HIGHER CONNECTIONThis Yang Fire energy is expanding and radiating the warmth we so desperately need in light of recent events far away and close to home. It will bring compassion, joy and optimism to humanity; it will show us that love can dissolve fear and at the end of the day, the

Bazi & Feng Shui Prediction – December 2016

December Energetic Theme  CONFRONT YOUR FEARS As the November energy has shaken the ground loose, we are being called to dive even deeper to move with this energy during December. This is the time to confront our deep-seated fears in order to heal and make room for the higher ground.  In December, the Yang Metal is sitting on top of the Yang Water Rat. These two elements have a natural connection, as the metal produces water. Therefore, this month, the Water energy is particularly strong and potent. Based on The Five Elements’ theory, water represents fear. At the same time, it also is the source of wisdom and intelligence. This energy is pushing us to another level of going deep into our subconscious mind to release anything from the past trauma that is holding us back. Be brave, dive in and

To My Shadow Self

Dear Shadow Self For years, I have been avoiding you, pretending so hard not to see you, keeping you under wraps, disowning you. As if as soon as I acknowledge you, I will be ashamed, persecuted and put away forever by my circle of imaginary judges. But no matter how hard I try, I know you are there. Until one day, I collapse in exhaustion and no longer really care. I decided if I can’t rid of you, I might as well have a good look at you. The moment I look into your eyes, I know that you are my friend… for as long as I have lived. As soon as I confronted you and faced you front-on, I saw shadows – but I also saw light. Waves of calmness and relief washed over me. I was no longer