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8 Ways To Add Magic To The New Year

If you are feeling behind or even guilty of not yet setting any New Year’s Resolutions, then don’t be! I’ve never been a fan of those resolutions, because somehow they feel a bit ‘pressured’, set you up for failure and they are based on a mindset of ‘lack’. Instead, why not welcome and celebrate the new year with a mindset of ‘plenty’ – start with a list of what you have done right so far, knowing that all is as it should be right now, that you are already perfect. Once you’ve done that, below are some suggestions to add more magic and sparkle to enhance the energetic shift heralding the Year of the Fire Rooster. Choose what best resonates with you and what makes your heart flutter. The best news is, the lunar Chinese New Year does not arrive

My survival kit to ride an emotional tidal wave

“The best way out is always through” – Robert Frost We all have those times when we feel overwhelmed, lost and confused; emotionally charged and less motivated. We know that our emotions are taking us over but we simply can’t stop those negative thoughts and find it hard to snap out of it. This might be triggered by a specific event, a life circumstance or simply because of someone’s remark or an influence of a full moon. Regardless of the reason behind it, it is important to know how to ride these emotional tidal waves and come out calmer and wiser. April’s strong water energy (April’s Monthly Prediction) has certainly tossed me into one of these waves and I simply cannot survive it without the below 5 practices. They are my lifelines and keeping me in balance. I hope what I

Why “LET IT BE” is the quickest way to get what you want

We often want it so badly that we ruin it before it begins. If this sounds familiar, read on… Regardless if it is that project dear to your heart or the man of your dreams…More often than not, we are Overthinking. Overanalysing. Fantasizing. Expecting. Worrying. Doubting. We think we are trying so damn hard to get there, yet, it is exactly those limiting beliefs that are stopping us from getting what we want and where we want to be. We need to take a deep breath, take a step back, surrendering and  just LET. IT. BE. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you shouldn’t take action or listen to your intentions or your heart’s desires. Do that within your power and more, then… walk away.  Let it evolve, naturally. Give it space to grow in its own pace. Leave room

My Word for 2016

This year, instead of setting my new year’s resolutions, I have let intuition guide me to let things flow freely… Instead of setting my intentions, I have let go of what no longer serves me… This process has felt so free, so liberating and I feel each day, my feet are making solid prints on the path of intuitive living. The intuition has led me to choose my word for 2016 and it is “EXPRESSION”. Graphic: Courtesy of Darling Tree I know lots of you have probably done this in the past, but this is the first time I have consciously done this. To be precise, instead of me choosing the word, the word came to me with such a full strength, it almost knocked me over. I’m still feeling it, digesting what it means and how I can truly