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Date Selection – How to Maximize Your Chance of Success

Does luck exist? Or is it just a matter of being in the right place at the right time?Years ago when Bill Gates was interviewed by Larry King on CNN, he was asked many questions which included how he had become so wildly successful in his new company Microsoft. The very first thing he said was (paraphrasing):”I was in the right place, at the right time, and luck had a lot to do with it …”  –  Bill Gates TIMING, in our destiny, holds a special place. Success involves an ability to be at the place at the right time. Date Selection is a practice, using the Chinese almanac and Chinese astrology principles to identify a point in time where the energy is conducive enough to ignite an event so as to ensure the process goes smoothly and without major

2016 Yearly Prediction – Part I. Heavenly Energy

Have you ever wondered what’s coming up on the horizon? Want to know ahead of time what you need to be prepared for in 2016 so you can forge ahead confidently on the path that belongs to you? The prominent themes of 2016 are: SHIFT OF CONSCIOUSNESS AWAKENING & TRANSFORMATION 2015 was a year of lessons, changes and shift of awareness for us all. 2016 will be continuing this trend energetically and will challenge you and push you to a higher level.  Questions you are more likely to have in your head are “Am I happy?”, “Am I in the relationship that I deserve?”, “Shouldn’t I be doing something I really love?” Some of you may even dig a little deeper and ask “What is my life purpose?”, “How can I live life to the full but also effortlessly?” And you will hear