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October Monthly Energy Update – EMBODY THE ESSENCE

The Yang Metal Dog (庚戌) month starts from 8th October. There is harmony between the two elements and October gifts us an interesting preview of what is in-store for 2018.   October Energetic ThemeEMBODY THE ESSENCE8th October marks the end of the metal season in the elementary sense. To many people, this is a sweet relief. When a strong Metal energy is at work, it can feel harsh and brutal, we feel the old wounds being inflicted. It is important to know that time like this is difficult but necessary, it is the getaway for us to heal and ultimately return to our wholeness and embody our true essence. The earthy Dog month came just at the right time, to soothe the discomfort after the turbulence, the transition of the change and the initial adjustments we have to go through after

September Monthly Energy Update – Letting Go

September Energy Forecast - Letting Go

The Yin Earth Rooster (己酉) month starts from 7th September. It is symbolised by two elements: Yin Earth on top of Yin Metal Rooster. This is a significant month in both Bazi and Feng Shui terms, as the monthly energy will duplicate the yearly energy. In other words, the energy will be magnified and intensified.  September Energetic Theme Letting GoThis month’s energy will stir at the deepest level within you, bringing out a lot of emotions and issues you have been harbouring for quite a while. This process will nevertheless give birth to something new in you, and this birth will transform into great joy and a sense of tremendous liberation. In order to let this transformation unfold, you are being asked to dispense with your reliance on the past, to release and let go, in every aspect of your life. If you have been working

August Monthly Energy Update – Unearth Your Treasure

The Yang Earth Monkey (戊申) month starts from 7th August. It is symbolised by two elements: Yang Earth on top of Yang Metal Monkey.  As we wave goodbye to the expansive and expressive Fire energy, the transitional Earth energy starts to settle in. We are called to be centred in order to process the information we have downloaded from the higher realm in the last few months. August Energetic Theme UNEARTH YOUR TREASURE The Yang Earth represents the most ancient energy of Mother Earth, who holds many untold secrets in her womb. It is the oldest element, which existed before any other elements. There is nothing that this earth cannot keep or contain.And if you dig just a bit deeper, precious treasure that is concealed is waiting to be unearthed. This is the month to discover your hidden talents that you may not

July Monthly Energy Update – Grounding Before New Leap

July (from 7th July – 6th August) is symbolised by two elements – Yin Fire on top of Yin Earth Goat. The Yin Fire energy is like the candle light, although fickle and unstable, when being ignited can cause even greater damage than the Yang Fire we saw in June. July Energetic Theme GROUNDING BEFORE NEW LEAPThe month of July marks the official ending of the Fire season on an energetic sense. This is where the impulsive and bold Fire energy starts to fade out and begins to turn inward after ‘burning everything fiercely into the ground’. After last month’s higher connection, the Earth Goat energy calls upon us to be deeply rooted to review issues that immediately concerning with our physical environment, such as our home, our physical wellbeing, family, tribe, mother, food & nourishment, including ancestral inheritance.  This is the time

2016 Yearly Prediction – Part II. Earthly Energy

For our house is our corner of the world…It is our first universe, a real cosmos in every sense of the word. Gaston Bachelard Have you ever taken a liking to a particular room or corner of the house for no apparent reason? Have you ever been to a house that you can’t wait to get out of but can’t put your finger on why? That’s the earth energy or Feng Shui at work for you. Each year, the energy surrounds our planet and our environment, including our homes and offices, change. As we spend most of our time in these surrounding, the energy resides in these places that closely connected with us ultimately influence every aspect of our life, such as relationships, health, career and wealth. This energy interacts with our own energetic vibrations, forming different layers of the dynamics. A