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Bazi & Feng Shui Energy Prediction – March 2017

The Yin Water 癸 Rabbit 卯 month starting on 5th March signals the official arrival of the Spring season in an energetic sense. In the Five Elements, the rabbit represents the Wood energy. It also corresponds to the season of spring, when the Yang energy is at its peak.After a slow start to the year, March will give you that much-needed drive and motivation to move forwards. You will notice things starts to pick up. Any projects in idle will restart.​ March Energetic Theme CHANGING LANDSCAPEThis month’s energy heralds enormous changes ahead. These changes will shake up any stagnant energy or areas in your life. Due to the sudden impulse of this wood energy, these changes can be quite unpredictable and happen at lightning speed. Embrace it, move along with it, take the initiative and be the change – create a

Date Selection – How to Maximize Your Chance of Success

Does luck exist? Or is it just a matter of being in the right place at the right time?Years ago when Bill Gates was interviewed by Larry King on CNN, he was asked many questions which included how he had become so wildly successful in his new company Microsoft. The very first thing he said was (paraphrasing):”I was in the right place, at the right time, and luck had a lot to do with it …”  –  Bill Gates TIMING, in our destiny, holds a special place. Success involves an ability to be at the place at the right time. Date Selection is a practice, using the Chinese almanac and Chinese astrology principles to identify a point in time where the energy is conducive enough to ignite an event so as to ensure the process goes smoothly and without major


If you have missed the 2017 Yearly Prediction Part I you can read it HERE.  OVERALL RANKING OF THE 12 ANIMAL SIGNS Most auspicious:   Dragon, Horse, Tiger, Rooster and Rat Good: Ox, Pig and Dog OK: Monkey, Snake and Sheep Clash: Rabbit DRAGON      辰                          Rating: 4.5 out of 5 The most fortunate animal sign in 2017 is the Dragon, as it combines with the yearly king: the Rooster. 2017 will be the year that the Dragon encounters and meets many powerful connections that lift his or her social status. The star of Dragon Virtue (龙德) and the Emperor Star (紫微) will also bring the Dragon almost effortless solutions to their problems. There will be excellent mentors and helpful people along the way to ensure the

2017 Yearly Prediction (PART I.)

Each year, apart from analysing how the yearly energy mix affects each individual’s Four Pillars of Destiny chart, another layer of the information we review is the influence of the Symbolic Stars 神煞. The Symbolic Stars fly into different animal signs each year, influencing their fortune and luck significantly. When you have auspicious Symbolic Stars in your animal signs, you are gifted with this instant luck and power. Life’s magic reaches you through moments of serendipity, coincidences and happy accidents that are to your favour. You still have to take action in order to make the most of these stars, of course, but life in general is a delight.  On the other hand, if the stars are mostly negative, it is a good time to practice “going with the flow” & surrendering, and then reviewing your situation. A time like this

Discover Your Life Story through Your Favourable Elements

“He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened.” – Lao Tzu Most of you already know what your self-element is. If not, you can find out HERE.  In this post, I want to show you how you can discover your life story through the understanding and awareness of your favourable and unfavourable elements. They are the most vital pieces of a puzzle to a joyful and happy life. Behind the Four Pillars of Destiny chart, the key philosophy is about balance and harmony of the five elements. When the five elements within our destiny chart are balanced, our life is wonderful. We are supported, vibrant and joyful. On the other hand, when a chart lacks certain elements or has excessive amount of one element, it creates a blockage. This imbalance of the energy sooner or later will manifest into problems

How to Feng Shui Your Home with Water and Wood Elements

Using the Five Elements Theory to Feng Shui your home is a powerful way to bring the auspicious and vibrant energy into the space you live in. By adding that ‘magic element’ you are not only able to transform your home on an energetic level, but also create a harmonious and balanced environment that makes the occupants thrive. Before we get to the fun part of decorating and exploring your creativity using Feng Shui colours, shapes and forms, there are a few key points I’d like you to know: 1. Knowing the theory behind The Five Elements helps you heighten your awareness of your surroundings   It is believed that everything in the universe, solid or abstract, can be classified into these five basic elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. They support and nurture each other, while at the same time also controlling and destroying

Bazi & Feng Shui Monthly Prediction – June 2016

Monthly Theme for June Purpose | Vitality What You Want, Wants You  Do you dare to believe that what you want, is also wanting you? Sometimes our deepest desires are buried under complicated layers. We may even try to convince ourselves that we want second best, believing that we are not worthy of our first choice, of what we genuinely want, that would fulfil us deeply. Or perhaps we have conditioned ourselves to believe that getting what we want is for others, not us. As we are entering the Yang Wood Horse (甲午) month from 5th June, the energy is inviting us to be open, willing to explore our deepest desire, passion and purpose in life without settling for any substitutions. It is a time to raise the sense of your awareness and heighten your vitality. If you feel your energy is low, infuse yourself

Bazi & Feng Shui Monthly Prediction – April 2016

From 5th April to 4th May,  the Element is Yang Water Dragon. Yang Water people, like the powerful water of the ocean, are always on the move. Adaptive, intelligent and usually unable to stand still, Yang Water people are full of energy and sometimes can be impulsive. They always have something on the boil but run the risk of becoming easily distracted and lacking focus. They are adventurous and tend to pursue their goals with conviction and devotion. General outlook of the month  In April, the main dynamic is the clash of Water and Earth. Although this Yang Water energy is not yet in full force, the Earth energy is even weaker in order to stop or contain the water.  We are likely to see natural disasters related to water such as typhoons, hurricanes and floods. Boat or plane related