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June Energy Update – Higher Connection

If you have felt that the last two months’ strong wood energy left somewhat an imprint of anger or anxiety in your energy field, June’s strong Yang Fire energy will bring a perfect opportunity to release, heal and ascend so that you can feel lighter.In June, the energy will be going through a major shift, dominated by the Yang Fire energy. The Yang Fire Horse month (丙午) starts on 5th June and is symbolised by two elements: Yang Fire sitting on top of Yang Fire Horse. June Energetic Theme HIGHER CONNECTIONThis Yang Fire energy is expanding and radiating the warmth we so desperately need in light of recent events far away and close to home. It will bring compassion, joy and optimism to humanity; it will show us that love can dissolve fear and at the end of the day, the

Bazi & Feng Shui Energy Prediction – April 2017

April Energetic Theme BIRTH YOUR VISIONThe Yang Wood Dragon (甲辰) month starts on 5th April and is symbolised by two elements: Yang Wood sitting on top of Yang Earth.When we have the presence of Yang wood, it always brings a feeling of ascending,  uplifting and rising. This is because the energetic impulse of the Wood is to move upwards. The Wood element also symoolizes vision in life. The Dragon belongs to the Earth element. This earth energy is particularly nurturing and grounding, as it contains water. It provides fertile ground for vibrant new shoots to burst out of the soil. The vibration is open, accepting and harmonising. In April, you might find that fresh ideas, visions or even a new sense of life are emerging within you, perhaps even below the level of your conscious mind. This could manifest as a new relationship, a new

Bazi & Feng Shui Energy Prediction – March 2017

The Yin Water 癸 Rabbit 卯 month starting on 5th March signals the official arrival of the Spring season in an energetic sense. In the Five Elements, the rabbit represents the Wood energy. It also corresponds to the season of spring, when the Yang energy is at its peak.After a slow start to the year, March will give you that much-needed drive and motivation to move forwards. You will notice things starts to pick up. Any projects in idle will restart.​ March Energetic Theme CHANGING LANDSCAPEThis month’s energy heralds enormous changes ahead. These changes will shake up any stagnant energy or areas in your life. Due to the sudden impulse of this wood energy, these changes can be quite unpredictable and happen at lightning speed. Embrace it, move along with it, take the initiative and be the change – create a

Bazi & Feng Shui Energy Prediction – Feb 2017

2017 YEARLY ENERGYThe Year of the Rooster, is symbolised by two elements – with Yin Fire 丁 sitting on top of the Yin Metal Rooster 酉. The Fire element is closely associated with the emotions of joy and optimism. Fire also relates to the heart and spirit, therefore 2017 sees more people focus on their self-development, spiritual pursuits and following what their heart desires.The Rooster contains the purest metal element and therefore is very strong. This metal energy evokes major changes and transformation. 2017 can bring many events that shake up, alter and rearrange your life in order to relocate you to a place you’re meant to be, physically and mentally. It can at times feel like the end, but it is often just the beginning. To find out more on the 2017 Yearly Prediction, catch up HERE​ February Energetic Theme SEEING THE LIGHTFebruary,

Bazi & Feng Shui Prediction – December 2016

December Energetic Theme  CONFRONT YOUR FEARS As the November energy has shaken the ground loose, we are being called to dive even deeper to move with this energy during December. This is the time to confront our deep-seated fears in order to heal and make room for the higher ground.  In December, the Yang Metal is sitting on top of the Yang Water Rat. These two elements have a natural connection, as the metal produces water. Therefore, this month, the Water energy is particularly strong and potent. Based on The Five Elements’ theory, water represents fear. At the same time, it also is the source of wisdom and intelligence. This energy is pushing us to another level of going deep into our subconscious mind to release anything from the past trauma that is holding us back. Be brave, dive in and

Bazi & Feng Shui Prediction – November 2016

Monthly Theme for November SHEDDING THE SKIN LOOSENING THE FOUNDATION The Yin Pig month (己亥)  starts from 7th November signals the official arrival of the Winter season in an energetic sense. Energetically, this is when everything goes into hibernation and rest. It is the time to shed the old skin and cut loose what no longer serves you, make room to move forward and prepare for growth in the new cycle. This is the time that Yin energy is at its peak: the Fire Element has faded and its positive influence and effects are no longer felt. The Fire Element is closely associated with the emotions of joy and optimism. As the Fire energy is fading, you will probably notice a shift in your energy level and a change of mood. This month’s energetic theme also encourages us to release any negative emotions, such

Bazi & Feng Shui Monthly Prediction – October 2016

Monthly Theme for October SELF LOVE The Yang Earth Dog (戊戌) month starts from 8th October. Both elements belong to Earth.  This earth energy is grounding, restful and expansive just like our mother earth. The vibration is open, accepting, harmonising and nurturing. This month’s energy encourages us to truly experience the ability to love ourselves. To give and receive love unconditionally.  Love is the most healing, harmonising and awakening energy to ever move through our bodies. When we are truly able to give and receive love with no attachment, we ignite an inner flame within ourselves that energises and illuminates every aspect of our life. In order to give love, we need to have an open heart, we need to practise Self-Love first. Learn to love your shadows as much as your light. Love yourself enough to care about what you

Bazi & Feng Shui Monthly Prediction – September 2016

Monthly Theme for September INDULGENCE DELIGHT & FUN  After an intense August with many ‘energy thunderstorms’, finally we are expecting a lighter month ahead! After all, a thunderstorm is just nature’s way of gathering energy together that needs to be released. With a release of tension, we are usually gifted with relief, freedom and a fresh perspective. The Yin Fire Rooster (丁酉) month starts from 7th September and is symbolised by two elements: Yin Fire sitting on top of Yin Metal. This is exactly how the energy make-up will be in 2017. So pay attention to patterns and try to capture a glimpse of what’s in store for you for 2017. September is the month where we are being called to relax, rest, indulge and have some childlike fun.  There is a sense of play, lightheartedness, curiosity and stillness in September’s energy. Why is