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5 Ways to Feng Shui Your Home Office

Feng Shui Home Office

Home Office is an ultra important space especially if you are a Small Business Owner and run your business mostly from your home. Your home office should not only be aesthetically beautiful and represents who you or your business are, but also support you on an energetic level to ensure you are motivated, have depth of vision, productive and are an magnet for prosperity . Below 5 Feng Shui tips will help you to start 2018 on an auspicious start and create auspicious Qi flow and abundance into your home office.1. Make sure your desk is placed in a “Commanding Position”. This position will instantly empower you and raise the harmony level in your office spaces.In Feng Shui, the commanding position means that your desk is positioned so that you can see the office’s entrance and your back is positioned against the

Feng Shui of Staircase Location and Design

In Feng Shui, the location of the Staircase is important within a home. A properly designed staircase can help the energy to flow up and down freely and effectively. On the contrary, if the staircase is located in the wrong spot or has a poor design, it not only can inhibit the proper flow of energy throughout the home, it can create problems or issues to harm the occupants.How do your stairs stack up? Here are a few Feng Shui tips for staircase location and design.LO​CA​TIONA staircase should not be directly facing the front entrance. The front entrance is considered the ‘mouth of the Qi’ in Feng Shui, this is where it invites the auspicious energy into a home.  When a staircase is facing the main entrance or the front door directly, the energy tends to rush up quickly and disperses

Feng Shui Your Kitchen

In Feng Shui, the kitchen holds a special place within a home as it represents the wealth, health and the well-being of a family. The way you treat your kitchen is a symbol of how you respect your resources, such as food supplies & money.Follow below tips to maintain a healthy flow within your kitchen:1. Respect your food.  Only buy what you need without being wasteful or skimpy. Respect food means respect your valuable resources, in return, it will bring your health and more prosperity. 2. Stock up your pantry and fridge. A well-stocked pantry represents abundance, but also remember to clean out anything that has passed expiry dates on a regularly basis. This keeps energy renewed and wealth flowing.3. Make sure all burners of your stove are working effectively. The stove, in particular, is the source of the fire, the

How To Cleanse Your Home Energetically in 3 simple steps

“For our home is our corner of the world…It is our first universe, a real cosmos in every sense of the word” – Gaston Bachelard  Our home is our sanctuary, our sacred space where we retreat from the outside world, to be comforted and nurtured. It should also bring out the best in us and be a place where we can be creative. Just like we need to clean our house regularly, we should also make energy cleansing a habit — because no home is immune to negative energy. Negative energies are not only created by ourselves, by our negative thoughts and feelings, but can also be projected onto us from others, such as previous owners, visitors, family members and friends. Have you noticed bad energy when you walk into a space after an argument? The air and the energy

Feng Shui Tips for Bed Placement

A well-arranged bedroom according to Feng Shui principles not only can enhance the occupants’ health and romantic relationship, but also can preserve their wealth. Therefore, the placement of your bed is critical in bedroom Feng Shui. The bed is a critical Feng Shui consideration because this is where we rest and regenerate for the next day. It’s also where we are the most vulnerable. There are a few basic rules you should consider when it comes to where to place your bed in your bedroom:1. To start with, you should always aim to have a solid bedhead and orient your bed head against a solid wall for support. 2. Your bed should be in a commanding position in relation to the room. You should be able to see the entire room while resting your head on the pillow, including the entry to