October Monthly Energy Update – EMBODY THE ESSENCE

The Yang Metal Dog (庚戌) month starts from 8th October. There is harmony between the two elements and October gifts us an interesting preview of what is in-store for 2018.  

October Energetic Theme


8th October marks the end of the metal season in the elementary sense. To many people, this is a sweet relief. When a strong Metal energy is at work, it can feel harsh and brutal, we feel the old wounds being inflicted. It is important to know that time like this is difficult but necessary, it is the getaway for us to heal and ultimately return to our wholeness and embody our true essence. 

The earthy Dog month came just at the right time, to soothe the discomfort after the turbulence, the transition of the change and the initial adjustments we have to go through after a major transformation.  

It assists us focus on what is paramount, what is essential and embody what is at core - what is 'at essence'.

It feels solid and grounding, just like the mother earth, we feel being held and supported. At the same time, it gives us that sense of comfort and contentment so we can reflect and tune inward to open up. This energy cultivates your ability to see beyond the surface and integrate something deeper that you have discovered during the metal phase so you have the courage to make changes. 

You will feel your psychic ability and connection to the heaven is heightened in the next 4 weeks. This is because in Chinese astrology,  Dog is the earth sign that connects the spiritual and physical worlds, the Yin and Yang, the ‘dying’ and ‘rebirthing’.

If you have been making space during September to process what is dying and what is coming alive and honouring the ‘letting go’ energy, in October, you will be rewarded with wisdoms after deep reflection, clarity after integration and what makes you feel whole and truly in alignment. 

You are re-remembering those truths you already know within you. You are returning to your alignment and wholeness. You are likely to feel the strong sense of bond, community and the Oneness.

Ask yourself questions that are deeply related to your desires, passion as well as how you related to other people, such as:

  • What makes you feel whole?
  • How do you relate to others? Spouse, parents, close friends?
  • Are those relationship reflect the truth about you? Anything that is not in alignment?
  • What makes you feel nurtured and content?
  • What are you passionate about and willing to put yourself on the line to defend?
  • Do you feel belong? Belong to a community, family, circle of friends? Or here on earth in general?
  • What can make you feel anchored and grounded?

On the physical level, the October’s earthy energy will also shake a lot of things up that are not in alignment and can be manifested in the form of earth-related disasters such as earthquakes, volcano eruptions or landslides around the world. 

Four Pillar of Destiny Chart Prediction

Each month, I outline the energy dynamic so you can be aware of it, and therefore feel empowered. The aim of this is to heighten your awareness and ride the tidal wave, especially at difficult times. At the same time, actively seeking solutions to minimise the conflicting energy is the best strategy to manage challenging times. Take advice from the below predictions or seek out a 1-on-1 Destiny Profiling session to pre-empt any major collision.

For those born in the Year or Day of the Dragon 辰, Dog month can be a bit tricky and create some intension for you. October might give you a glimpse of what 2018 holds and it's good to take some notes. Carrying a pedant or talisman of a Rabbit can soften the impact and protect you from difficult situations. 

If you have Tiger or Horse anywhere in your chart, you are likely to gain influence or social status. 

The forecasts below are based on your Essence at Birth or Self-element. If you don’t know what your self-element is, get your FREE Four Pillars of Destiny chart HERE. This prediction effectively only counts as 1/8 of your monthly luck (given it is only based on your Day Master). Book a Destiny-Profiling session HERE  for a full reading. 



This month, the Yang Wood people is likely to encounter some difficult people or challenging situations, surrender and creativity are the key words. It’s time to work through your present mindset and see things from a fresh perspective. The alternative answers and solutions will keep your move through the blocks and undesired thinking patterns.

If your Self-element is Yin wood, October is a much more harmonious month. Your talent, ideas or opinions are likely to be recognised. You might be chosen for a new project or be presented with a new opportunity. You are also highly likely to attract some love interest. 



In October, You might find yourself in  situations that you are not heard. You might feel rejected at first. See this as an opportunity for you to tune into what truly matters to you, what nurtures you and what really makes you feel content.  You might be surprised to discover something that is the very core of yourself. 

On the other hand, things are looking up on the finance front. Don’t be shy to take the credit at work for the effort you put in. 



October brings family and relationship into focus. What does your family mean to you? Do you have a strong sense of belonging? You may also think more deeply about the love towards your family as well as your romantic relationship. What does true love mean to you?

Our heart has intelligence and wisdom that sees well beyond the surface of life, to the energetic essence in all moments. Spend some time with your heart, are they open and compassionate or closed and blocked from past hurt?

It is only when the energy is free flowing we can invite new love into our life.  Are we allow ourselves to forgive, to accept and have compassion for others? Imagine you are removing some logs and rocks from the river so this love can be free flowing again. 



If September has left you feeling challenged and at lost of a solution, let go of all expectations. The major life challenge for Metal people is to ‘let go’. 

If you are trying to hold things too tightly, loosen your grip. If you are trying to control the situation, let things fall apart. You will be surprised by releasing the attachment, how much flow it can create. 

This is a great month to go out and find like-minded people and build connections. By creating a bond within the community you belong, you will learn what are the true essence to your being and expand your awareness to another level. 



If you have been doing some inner work last month, you will see result in October - the intelligence you have embodied within your own inner knowing will manifest in a way you would have never anticipated. You might suddenly realise that you are quite powerful. Yes you are, sister! 

Your inner knowing is the only compass you can rely on while you are journeying through those terrains. Your external surrounding will shift and change, but as far as you are rooted firmly into your being, you will be led to the opening towards to the ocean. 

October is a gift that mother earth gives us so we can relax into this energy and focus upon the necessary internal journey and its transformative potential.  Embrace it!

Sending love  


Grace Xo

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