Bazi & Feng Shui Energy Prediction – Feb 2017


The Year of the Rooster, is symbolised by two elements – with Yin Fire 丁 sitting on top of the Yin Metal Rooster 酉. The Fire element is closely associated with the emotions of joy and optimism. Fire also relates to the heart and spirit, therefore 2017 sees more people focus on their self-development, spiritual pursuits and following what their heart desires.

The Rooster contains the purest metal element and therefore is very strong. This metal energy evokes major changes and transformation. 2017 can bring many events that shake up, alter and rearrange your life in order to relocate you to a place you’re meant to be, physically and mentally. It can at times feel like the end, but it is often just the beginning. 

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February Energetic Theme


February, starting on 4th, is a month for growth and brand new vision. We are asked to dig deep and see beyond the surface in order to expand our vision.

The monthly energy contains two qualities, the element of Water (Intelligence, Depth and Courage)  and Wood (Growth, Vision and Life force). These two elements will be in harmony, as Water supports the Wood. Therefore, the Wood energy (vision) will be particularly strong.

As we rise from the challenges, turbulence and the initial confusion and shock from many events around the world, what weighs upon us can also make us focus on what is authentic at our core as a human race. A new level of clarity and consciousness starts to emerge…

Be thankful for all things that jolted you but at the same time activated and awakened you. The fabric of connection and compassion is growing stronger than ever in the presence of conflict, anger and extremes.

Find your pockets of lights, events, people. The light is there, it is stronger than ever. You just need to Invite yourself into the new paradigm.

BaZi Prediction

Each month, I outline the energy dynamic so you can be aware of it, and therefore feel empowered. The aim of this is to heighten your awareness, ride the tidal waves, especially at difficult times. At the same time, actively seeking solutions to minimise the conflicting energy is the best strategy to manage any challenging times. Take advice of the below predictions or seek out a 1-on-1 Destiny Profiling session to pre-empt any major collisions.

February is a clash month for people who were born in the Year of the Monkey (1956, 1968, 1980, 1992 or 2004). Carrying a pendant of the Pig will help to soften the blow for Monkeys, as the Pig and Tiger are secret friends and will divert this energy away.

Health-wise, be aware of any aches and pains that can return if you are not taking care of your body. These are most likely to be around the head and neck, as well as in the limbs. Avoid risky sports, as you are more likely to get injured.

The prediction below are based on your Self-element, therefore, only counts 1/4 of your luck for this month. Book a Destiny-reading session HERE to see what specifically in store for you. If you don’t know what your self-element is, get your FREE Four Pillars of Destiny chart HERE.

WOOD Element 

​After the absence of Wood in the last few months, finally you feel you are in your element again. This is especially so if you are a weak Wood.  February will provide that solid support for whatever you set out to do. So take advantage of this month's potent energy and take action.  You will be rewarded manifoldly in return. 

Like the season of spring, you can’t help but be inspired, reaching into the sunlight. It’s a great time to start something new: a new career, a new relationship or some creative project. It will simply feel effortless. You will also find that February is a highly sociable month.

FIRE Element 

​The Fire people might feel a little bit pressured this month to stay on top of the game and learn some new tricks. Maybe it’s because of that promotion you got last year. Or your mum seems to need a lot of attention at this time, especially if she has a Rooster in her chart. Don’t be surprised!

Health can also become the top priority for Fire people this month. You are finally committing to some regular fitness regime or diet plan. Whatever you do this month, live from your heart. This is what you do best.

EARTH Element 

​The  theme  for Earth people this month are Money & Power.  If you are a strong Earth, you have the strength to handle both and are likely to have a significant gain on the financial front. This is likely to be coming from a promotion or an improved status.

On the other hand, if you are a weak Earth, February can be a draining month. You are under pressure and possibly have to fork out some money, for example, a legal payout. Maintain harmony under all circumstances.

METAL Element

​The  Metal people can experience some resistance at the start of February; but everything depends on how you react to that. Once you accept the initial antagonism and decide to surrender, you will find that this can be a very productive month. Lots of work can be done and you are gaining positive feedback as well.

If you have a good amount of Metal in your chart, February can be a profitable month and you will be doing well on the earning front.

WATER Element 

February calls for structure for Water people. You have many ideas floating in your head. This is the time to get them down on paper and think about them systematically and develop a strategy. This is the only way to get productive and to clear your vision in order to turn ideas into money. Otherwise you will be lost in your ocean of thoughts. 

You will have a highly connected month with friends, family and colleagues. At the same time, however, be aware that competitors are coming on to the scene.​

Flying Star Feng Shui February Highlights

Everything in the universe is an ever-changing affair, including the qualities of the energy surrounding the space we live in. Flying Star Feng Shui is the only school that takes into consideration the influence of time. Therefore it is one of the most complex, accurate and powerful forms of Feng Shui. Flying stars are so called because they fly with the movement of the days, months and years. It is therefore possible to pinpoint the movement of the energy.

To simplify an otherwise very complicated practice of Flying Star Feng Shui, in each monthly prediction I will point out where the benevolent energy is located and where there is negative energy that needs to be managed.

It is essential to first know the inherent natal chart of your home, as this never changes. You can then add the monthly star on top of the natal chart of your home to assess whether the sector is auspicious or not. Your home’s natal chart can only be provided by a qualified Feng Shui consultant. To learn more, please CLICK HERE. Blindly applying any enhancements or remedies suggested in this post could well have an adverse effect.

Most Auspicious Sectors are:  CENTRE & EAST 

If the natal chart of your home is auspicious, this is the month to bring out your favourite  crystals and gem stones into these sectors. It will bring good career luck and excellent wealth.  If your front door or bedroom is located here, this is a good time for career advancement and business expansion.

Most Inauspicious Sectors are: SOUTH & SOUTHWEST

Both sectors are seriously afflicted, not only influenced by the annual flying star but compounded by the monthly energy.  If your front entrance or bedroom is located here, add a Five-Element pagoda to minimize the impact. There is an indication of bad business luck caused by disputes over money or issues with cash flow. Ladies should be paying special attention to their health. Home security should be your top priority if your front door is located in the SW sector. 

In 2017, I am adding a new Q&A section to answer your specific Feng Shui questions. This personalized advice is exclusively for Feng Shui Serenity community.  So why not join our-ever-growing tribe today and start to take destiny into your own hands? 

I wish you a light-filled February! 

Lots of love! ​


Grace Xo

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