How to Feng Shui Your Home with Water and Wood Elements

Using the Five Elements Theory to Feng Shui your home is a powerful way to bring the auspicious and vibrant energy into the space you live in. By adding that ‘magic element’ you are not only able to transform your home on an energetic level, but also create a harmonious and balanced environment that makes the occupants thrive.

Before we get to the fun part of decorating and exploring your creativity using Feng Shui colours, shapes and forms, there are a few key points I’d like you to know:

1. Knowing the theory behind The Five Elements helps you heighten your awareness of your surroundings  

It is believed that everything in the universe, solid or abstract, can be classified into these five basic elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. They support and nurture each other, while at the same time also controlling and destroying each other. Their interrelations are not always in harmony; they live in a dynamic tension.

“A person’s destiny needs to achieve a balance of the five basic elements in order for him or her to have a fulfilled and flourishing life.”

If you’d like to know more, I’ve written an e-book called “Elementary Vibrations – An introduction to The Five Elements”. Click HERE to get your FREE copy.

2. You need to know what your Self-element is and what your favourable element(s) are, based on the Four Pillars of Destiny chart.

The element we focus on to bring into the home should be the favourable element(s) based on your cosmic blueprint. It is usually what is lacking in your chart. It has nothing to do with where you live or your current surroundings.

If you don’t know your Four Pillars of Destiny chart or would like some help on determining your favourable elements, send through your request HERE.

 3. You should always consider the Flying Stars located in your home first and foremost.  

The Flying Star School is one of the most complex and sophisticated forms of Feng Shui. It can accurately pinpoint the movement of the energy based on change of time. This is an essential part of a more comprehensive Feng Shui consultation that I offer. If you do not feel supported at your home and do not see any major shifts after using Feng Shui colours, shapes and forms, a more detailed Feng Shui energy assessment may be in order.

Upon readers’ requests, today I am going to share some tips on how to decorate a home with the WOOD and WATER elements.



Wood energy is about moving forward, a direct and assertive energy that makes no apology for pushing things out of its way. It strives for light and represents our vision in life. A person with a balanced Wood energy should be confident, ambitious, creative, optimistic and have a vision in life.

WHO Should Decorate with the WOOD Element  For people whose favourable element is Wood.  Bring this element into your home will make you to feel vital and nourished. It can also invoke beneficial energy and opportunities in your life.

HOW To Decorate with WOOD Element  Below are what Wood manifests itself in colours, shapes and forms:

  • Colour: All shades of green, dark brown
  • Shape: Tall and rectangular shapes
  • Form: Living plants and trees, flowers and other vegetation. Others include timber furniture, flooring and any ornaments made of wood
  • Material/fabric: Linen, rattan, cotton, bamboo and other natural fibres.

IDEAS To Get You Started  The optimum solutions are always the ones that work best with your decor and complement it.

  • The easiest way is to introduce a soothing and sophisticated paint colour for the walls, such as muted olive green (which would also give your space a feeling of sophisticated appeal)
  • Vertical stripes add uplifting wood energy to a space
  • Furniture with tall and rectangular shapes, such as tall bookshelves, cupboards or tallboys. These signify protection as well as promote upward growth.


  • The best way to bring the Wood element into your home is in its natural state. Nothing beats a lush green plant, such as lucky bamboo, peace lilies or a jade plant. This not only brings a sense of vitality but also purifies the indoor air and promotes a healthy energy flow. Try to choose a plant with broad or round leaves rather than spiky ones (or a cactus).
  • You can also decorate your space with smaller and less permanent objects such as any artefacts made of wood, plants or fresh flowers. Blankets, sheets, towels, rugs or cushions in different shades of green or light brown are good options too. As the energy shifts throughout the year, it is a much easier way for you to adjust your environment to suit your mood.


Most homes contain reasonable amounts of Wood energy already, from items such as tables and chairs, hard wood floors and furniture, and blinds. So make sure you don’t overdo it. Sectors in your home which love Wood energy are the East and the SE sectors.




The energy of Water is inward and descending, just like the nature of water is to run deep. A Water person’s strength and power is often hidden behind a calm exterior. Water people are articulate and intelligent. They are deep thinkers and strive for truth.

Just as Water is essential for life on Earth, this element is also essential in your home. The first way the Water energy expresses itself is in flowing, meandering pathways. It is recommended that you always have a curvy pathway leading to your front door rather than a straight line. This symbolizes the auspicious water energy at the door and helps the vital energy force to slow down before entering your home.

Water is also an ancient symbol of abundance. Skilfully expressing the water element within your living space will enhance the ability to attract more abundance into your life.

WHO Should Decorate with the WATER Element  For people whose favourable element is Water. Bring this element into your home will keep you calm or make you feel rejuvenated. It will also promote a deeper sense of connection to life.

HOW To Decorate with the WATER Element  Below are how Water manifests itself in terms of colours, shapes and forms:

  • Colour: Black, all shades of blue
  • Shape: Wavy and irregular shapes that meander and flow
  • Form: The strongest is the presence of real water such as oceans, rivers, ponds, fountains, fish tanks and water features
  • Material/fabric: Transparent or shimmering fabrics, paisley, tie-dye, irregular and wavy patterns.


IDEAS To Get You Started  The Water element, in all its gentleness and grace, is a very powerful element. So we need to be extra careful of implementing this element, especially when using ‘moving water’ such as fountains or water features.

  • Water’s symbolic shape is a sinuous, flowing line that evokes its smooth yet unpredictable path. So you can bring in any shapes that are wavy or irregular, in the form of furniture, wall decorations or sculptures.
  • The below example evokes a very strong Water presence. The painting on the wall contains potent water energy: the ocean; and the wavy wall surface in the hallway adds another layer of water
  • To symbolise its reflective qualities, Water also shows up in highly polished surfaces like mirrors and clear glass. The picture below is a good example of using the combination of such reflective surfaces and wavy shapes to bring in the water element.


Water is a potent wealth activator when used appropriately. Before you activate any ‘moving water’ such as a fish tank, a water fountain or an indoor water feature, be sure that the flying stars in that sector are auspicious. Otherwise, you are activating negative energies, which can be disastrous.

As we gain a deeper understanding of what each element embodies, take a moment to sit with that one ‘special element’ to you. How does it make you feel? Does it make your heart sing through colours or feel more real when you can touch it? How do you feel about the mirror or glasses in your home? Or you’d rather have a beautiful artwork on the wall to bring the Water energy instead?

You can create a harmonious home using Feng Shui in any decor style and for any taste, as long as you understand the reason behind it and why you are adding this element to your home. Your home is your sanctuary, so in working knowledgeably with the Elements most suitable for you, you can to an extent be guided by what you love and embrace. And use all your senses in adding a touch of your own uniqueness. You will then be on your way to creating an ultimate Feng Shui home!

If you have any questions about this article, please leave a comment below.

Grace Xo

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