Feng Shui Tips for Bed Placement

A well-arranged bedroom according to Feng Shui principles not only can enhance the occupants' health and romantic relationship, but also can preserve their wealth. Therefore, the placement of your bed is critical in bedroom Feng Shui. 

The bed is a critical Feng Shui consideration because this is where we rest and regenerate for the next day. It’s also where we are the most vulnerable. 

There are a few basic rules you should consider when it comes to where to place your bed in your bedroom:

1. To start with, you should always aim to have a solid bedhead and orient your bed head against a solid wall for support.

2. Your bed should be in a commanding position in relation to the room. You should be able to see the entire room while resting your head on the pillow, including the entry to the bedroom.

The “commanding” position and is the most auspicious, allowing you to feel the most supported and comfortable when sleeping.

3. You should NOT place your bed 'in line' with the door where your feet point directly at the door when you are lying down.  It is what we call a "coffin position” and results in too much Qi flow while you while sleeping. You are likely to feel unsettled and have disturbed sleep. 

4. Having your bed positioned along the same wall as the door or window (see below example) can lead to unexpected surprises in your life. 

This might also mean missed opportunities. Ideally, when lying down, the door should be in your direct line of vision so you can see the door comfortably - this will lead you to feel that you have greater control over your life.

5. Don't angle your bed in a corner. The sharp corner creates a very negative Qi flow - in Feng Shui we call this a “poison arrow”.

We find poison arrows in sharp corners of the walls and/or objects and furniture that are deliberately angled towards an entryway, your body, or even your entire home. The negative energy they emit are like 'points' and will 'hit' your body while you sleep. Poison arrows can lead to severe loss in your life, such as the loss of your job, money or even your general health. 

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