2016 Yearly Prediction – Part III. MAN POWER

In the last two parts of the series, we talked about how Heavenly energy and Earthly Energy affect our Heaven luck and earth luck. In Part III, we are going to talk about Man luck. I’d love to call it Man Power. Because truth be told, we are the master of our destiny and this is where we take our destiny in own hands.

Man Luck is essentially us, our own thoughts, virtue, action and ideas. It is what we achieve through our education, our talents, our behaviour and work to reach our goals.

This, in Chinese metaphysics, is also considered as “Inner Feng Shui” because its all about placing oneself, one’s thoughts, words and actions, into a proper placement within space and time in order to be successful and receive and you need to be surrounded by the positive focus and energy.

The commonly used Chinese Astrology based on 12 animal signs is not completely reliable as the system only considers a person’s birth year. Four Pillars of Destiny, which essentially based on the Five Elements Theory is a much more accurate system to predict future / destiny, as it requires the person’s full birth data including the Year, Month, Day and Hour of birth; therefore, the interpretation is much more precise.  Each chart is unique and has the story of its own. 

In this part, we will cover some key insights first, then we will reveal different aspects of life such as relationships, career, money and health for each element. In order to get the most out of this prediction, you firstly need to know your Self Element and whether it is strong or weak.

2016, the Year of the Monkey, contains a clash with the animal sign Tiger. Furthermore, these two animal signs in combination with Snake will form a ‘Fire Penalty’. This particular clash and penalty usually brings more changes, movement and turbulence in life, and in particular can cause more traffic accidents, involving road as well as sea and air travel, fire hazards and explosion.

If you were born in the Year of the Monkey or Tiger, or have Monkey and Tiger in your Four Pillars Chart, you will be more susceptible to this particular trouble especially when Fire is an unfavourable element in your chart. If you have travel plans in 2016, be extra cautions when travelling in the direction of SW and South. Try to avoid it if you can help it. Refrain from being involved in risky sports such as car racing, sky diving or bungy jumping. You get the idea.

You also need to pay more attention to your health as issues like high blood pressure, heart or respiratory system are likely to come up during the months of February, May, August and November in 2016. 

The animal signs in luck are Snake, Dragon and Rat – 2016 will be a year of harmony and career advancement.

Self Element Wood

2016 is the year to stand up and show the world how brilliant you are. It will be a year of freedom, expression and fame.

How you present yourself to the world will determine your wealth luck in 2016.

If you have strong Wood in your chart, then both of your money and career luck will be great in 2016. If Wood is too weak, you might find 2016 is a bit challenging and you will shy from the pressures.
The good news is if you ever encounter troubles or difficulties in your career, there will always be some helpful people around to help you.

If you are a single lady looking for love, 2016 will not disappoint you. The person you meet this year will more likely to develop a deeper relationship. For married couples, this could be the year to expand your family.

Self Element Fire

2016 will be a sociable and busy year with many new connections. There will also be a lot of social gatherings among old friends and relatives.

If your self element is weak, these connections will bring you many opportunities to generate business and wealth. However, you will feel more or less pressured at work.

If yourself element is strong, you will be given more responsibilities and opportunities at work, consequently with more income.

However, competition is fierce. The first half of year is a better time to make any decision on major investment.
2016 can be good year for Fire people if you are looking for someone special.

Self Element Earth

For Earth people, 2016 will be a year of discovery and expression. You will start to ask ‘Where did I come from?” “What are my roots?”

You are likely to have a heightened thirst for knowledge, to seek out things beyond skin-deep. You might also feel particularly close to your parents, mentors or those people who have made a difference in your life. You will express yourself more in front of other people or have a desire to perform and let the world know your creative side.

There won’t be much change career wise for Earth people, but creative ideas and your reputation will bring you good income.

2016 is also a year that you are paying or forced to pay attention to your health and wellbeing.
On relationship front, it is highly likely the male Earth people will meet someone special.

Self Element Metal

Career will take centre stage for people whose Self element is Metal.

You might feel pressured at work as the result of promotion. Metal people tend to be perfectionist and tend to find things to worry about. Rest assured, you will be able to step up and handle the challenge, the biggest hurdle you need to get over is not to let worrying take over your life. You are your worst enemy. So the sooner you get over your own emotions, everything will turn out just fine.

In 2016, you will be like a people-magnet, everyone around you loves you and can’t get enough of you.  Therefore, opportunities will automatically come towards you.

It will also be a busy social year for you with friends and family, as well as making new friends. It will be a perfect time to show your talent and creative expression to the world. So step up and shine brightly!

Self Element Water

Improving your finance will be at the top of your mind. The good news is, 2016 will present you with money and wealth opportunities, especially if your self element is strong. You should have a good chance to increase your income, investments and wealth.

So embrace the abundance that life offers you. Most importantly, think positively and believe it.
If you have a weak Water in your birth chart, you might encounter some challenges. Your friends and family will be your guardian angels when you are in trouble.
If you are a single male, in the first half of 2016 you are more likely to meet the girl of your dreams.
You will feel the need to spend more time with your parents or older people. Or you might focus on education to expand your knowledge and skills. 2016 will bring you more energy, safety, protection, and give you better health and stronger determination.

If you are keen to find out more about your Four Pillars of Destiny chart and more personalised forecast, contact Feng Shui Serenity for a Destiny Profiling reading.

Using Four Pillars of Destiny system, Destiny Profiling essentially is to analyse the structure and composition of one’ birth chart (Year, Month, Day and Time) as well as the hidden information such as compatibility, clashes, combinations, and interrelations derived from the chart to reveal the most valuable and vital clues of each aspect in you life, and gain insights on how to best manage life’s twists and turns and empower you to step into the unknown with confidence, knowing that universe is on your side.

Destiny Profiling is specially designed to enhance your Heaven Luck by knowing who you truly are. This is the gift that the Heaven or the Higher force give us that contains all the secrets lead us to our life purpose so we lead a happy and fulfilled life. It is the map that leads to our ‘treasure’, our ‘Personal legend’.

You are missing out big time if you are not using it to your advantage to enhance your life quality.

This is Your birth right. I can help you to reclaim it.

The wealth of information generated from these charts is also able to bring you clarity specially when you are standing at the cross road not knowing which way to forge ahead.

I wish you all a prosperous, fulfilling and joying 2016. May all your dreams come true, and much more.

If you missed PART I & PART II, catch up HERE and HERE.

Grace Xo

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