2016 Yearly Prediction – Part II. Earthly Energy

For our house is our corner of the world…It is our first universe, a real cosmos in every sense of the word.

Gaston Bachelard

Have you ever taken a liking to a particular room or corner of the house for no apparent reason? Have you ever been to a house that you can’t wait to get out of but can’t put your finger on why? That’s the earth energy or Feng Shui at work for you.

Each year, the energy surrounds our planet and our environment, including our homes and offices, change. As we spend most of our time in these surrounding, the energy resides in these places that closely connected with us ultimately influence every aspect of our life, such as relationships, health, career and wealth.

This energy interacts with our own energetic vibrations, forming different layers of the dynamics. A deeper understanding of this will provide us the insights on where the negative and benevolent energies locate within our intimate surroundings, where we spend most of our life, so we can best manage this and feel minimal turbulence along our journey.

The part two of the series will reveal the key insights to empower you to cultivate a deeper sense of awareness between you and your environment and ultimately achieve your dreams through this balancing process.

In 2016, the sickness star will be settled into the CENTRE of the home, so health becomes the top priority for everyone. In Chinese metaphysics, the centre of the home belongs to the Earth element, it also represents the centre of the body in Chinese medicine, i.e. the abdomen, stomach and digestive systems.  The Earth element is the major cause of cancer when energy is imbalanced within.  If your entrance or bedroom is located in the centre of the home, be extra vigilant with your health.

On a more deeper level, illness usually is the manifestation of disconnection or inner tension.

Do you feel content? Are you living the life of your dreams? Is what you do fulfilling you on a soulful level? Are you centred? In Chinese metaphysics, we believe the external circumstance is exactly a reflection of an internal state of consciousness.

This is where in Feng Shui, a building / home is an exact reflection of the occupants’s state of mind. In other words, your home is the reflection of who you are.

The earth energy being at the centre stage in 2016 perhaps is the calling of our mother earth asking us to pay more attention to our spirit and mind. Because a shift of awareness starts first within. We are more likely to see a major shift in life directions for many people, either consciously or imposed. Many people will be more curious about spirituality and keep an open mind for receiving new concepts to prepare them for this change. The vibration will be higher. More people will be searching for their soul purpose. The journey will be challenging but empowering. Those people who tend to hold onto their old beliefs, and refuse to embrace the new, will be left behind.

It invites inner transition and we are asked to be centred and grounded for the leap.

In 2016, Centre, NW and NE are the sectors containing negative energy that you need to be aware of.

One useful rule in Feng Shui to remember is:
“Do not disturb or activate the negative Qi.”

So if you don’t know the remedy to minimise the effect in these areas, the best thing to do is to leave it alone. This means no renovations, no digging in the ground, no loud music and no parties this year, particularly in NE areas. Consider it as a sleeping tiger – try not to wake him up.

The robbery star flies to the NW. If your front door falls into this sector, make sure your home is insured and be diligent on home security.

The East sector in 2016 contains prosperous energy and should be activated. Given this sector belongs to Wood element, place a tall plant can further energise this sector. If your bedroom locates in this sector and you have been trying to conceive, 2016 will be the year your dream is fulfilled.

We can’t control what type of energy flies into each sector each year, but we can certainly take effort to understand them so that we have more control and be more prepared in the situation. This is the best time to get a Feng Shui consultation on your home. Where intention goes, energy flows. What are you planning for your home in 2016 and what do you intend to do about it?

Classical Feng Shui, based on Five Elements Theory, helps reduce the negative energy and harness the benevolent energy in our surroundings to bring prosperity, harmony and joy.

This is because, when you are aligned with the positive and prosperous force that already exist within nature and the environment you live in, you are sending the signals to the universe that “you are capable of receiving”.

When you are open to receive, “all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” – (The Alchemist). And this increases your ability to thrive (rather than struggle) by many folds.

I have witnessed this again and again through my experience helping many clients, as soon as the Feng Shui Consultation is scheduled, even before the assessment and remedies are in place, things start to shift.

By making that first step, you are literally saying “YES” to receive the divine guidance and support from the higher force.

If you missed PART I, read it HERE. Read PART III HERE.

Grace Xo

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