2016 Yearly Prediction – Part I. Heavenly Energy

Have you ever wondered what’s coming up on the horizon? Want to know ahead of time what you need to be prepared for in 2016 so you can forge ahead confidently on the path that belongs to you?

The prominent themes of 2016 are:

2015 was a year of lessons, changes and shift of awareness for us all. 2016 will be continuing this trend energetically and will challenge you and push you to a higher level. 

Questions you are more likely to have in your head are “Am I happy?”, “Am I in the relationship that I deserve?”, “Shouldn’t I be doing something I really love?” Some of you may even dig a little deeper and ask “What is my life purpose?”, “How can I live life to the full but also effortlessly?” And you will hear more and more people talking about “staying present”.  You will be feeling challenged and pushed. At times, you will feel stuck, feel at war with yourself.

But this is how we eventually grow and evolve. 2016 is the age and time allow you do this, it also provides you with the divine guidance to complete this shift.

During the time we are seeking this spiritual growth, it is crucial to understand the energy we are dealing with each year and how it specifically impacts on us as an individual.  As we are all made up of different energetic blueprint the minute we were born, our energy field will interact with the energy of the year very much differently as well.

The 2016 Prediction will be delivered in 3 parts:
Part I. Heavenly Energy
Part II. Earthly Energy
Part III. Man Power

This is based on the Cosmic Trinity concept in Chinese Metaphysics, which believes our luck is made up of 3 parts: Heaven luck, Earth luck and Man luck and each contributes a certain weight of our luck and forms the dynamic of who we are today.

Part I. Heavenly Energy

Heaven luck is our destiny, our birth date, astrology, the luck we were born within this life and the movement and cycles of the planets and their impact on us. It is determined prior to our birth, and influenced by our karma. Therefore, we have less control over it.

Each year, this heavenly energy changes and shifts around 4th February. This change impact not only on individual level but also on the climate, world events as well as economic ups and downs. This is why in some years, you can feel the wind on your sails, everything just seems accomplished effortlessly. While other times, no matter how hard you try, things are not going your way.

2016, the Year of the Monkey, contains two elements: Yang Fire sitting on top of Metal.

Fire controls Metal, this indicates that the inter-relationship between the two elements have a fighting relationship. Normally such a conflicting combination means disharmony.

However, this Yang Fire is like a setting sun, bringing warmth and optimism. Therefore, there is always room for comprise and negotiation when disharmony presents.

Monkey represents the strong metal element and hidden inside is yang metal, yang water and yang earth. Yang metal is a destructive element representing a sword or a killer weapon. Yang water is powerful ocean water with aggressive energy.

As such, events like fire explosions, tornadoes and cyclones are likely to happen in 2016. There will also be more chances of shipping and airline accidents happening in 2016.

Economic & Industry Trends

Yang fire brings optimism and joy to the world and often boosts the general public’s confidence in the economy. It usually is the driving force behind the stock market and this trend will continue till the first half of 2017. However, be cautious on large investments during February, May, August and November in 2016.

Industries such as communication & media, engineering, computer, banking and finance will do well in 2016, however the competition is fierce. Water industries such as transport, shipping and communication will flourish. The property market will be active and productive but can be difficult to generate profit.

Health Implication

As fire represents the heart, blood circulation as well as shoulders, these part of the body will be under scrutiny. Pay extra attention to your heart, blood pressure and nervous system. Issues like high blood pressure, inflammation and shoulder pain are likely to take the centre stage in 2016.

Metal represents lungs and the respiratory system as well as the skins and bones.  With fire attacking metal, these areas are likely to have problems.

Make sure you strengthen your immune system with antioxidants, vitamin C and omega 3 oils.

The good news is, 2016 is a great year to get fit and shed that excessive weight gained in the earth years such as 2015. You will be more energised and motivated to get into a regular exercise routine.


In Monkey years, people tend to be on the move as it is considered a “Travelling star” in Chinese metaphysics.  However, be extra cautious if you were born in the Year of the Tiger or have Tiger in your Four Pillars chart, as Monkey clashes against Tiger.  This particular clash will also cause more traffic accidents, involving road as well as sea and air travel. The directions that particularly need caution are SW and South in 2016.

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Grace Xo

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