My Word for 2016

This year, instead of setting my new year’s resolutions, I have let intuition guide me to let things flow freely… Instead of setting my intentions, I have let go of what no longer serves me… This process has felt so free, so liberating and I feel each day, my feet are making solid prints on the path of intuitive living.

The intuition has led me to choose my word for 2016 and it is “EXPRESSION”.

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Graphic: Courtesy of Darling Tree

I know lots of you have probably done this in the past, but this is the first time I have consciously done this. To be precise, instead of me choosing the word, the word came to me with such a full strength, it almost knocked me over. I’m still feeling it, digesting what it means and how I can truly live it in 2016.

I want to express the joy of life. I want to share the wisdom of our destiny that I learned from ancient Chinese metaphysics. I want to use more of my creative expression that for so long my corporate world has not allowed to flow freely, and I want to get to know more souls going through a similar journey…

I also feel the excitement in my heart. I want to be open. I don’t want to set any expectations and I don’t intend to manifest anything in particular, as that can cause limiting beliefs.

Instead, I let my intuition guide me and I trust this process 100% to take me to wherever I am supposed to be precisely in that moment.

I am also grateful. Grateful that the path I have been shown so far has given me so much faith. Like many of you, this path might not be fully visible, the direction might be less certain – but it is full of light and guidance along the way. All you need to do is learn to let go, learn to surrender and leave room for the miracles to happen.

So, let 2016 unravel and I can’t wait to get to know it more!

Grace Xo

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